As a company who feeds off of innovation and has the customer as its main focus, DIGITAL MARKETING INNOVATION know how important it is for each business to provide the best customer management service, while staying up to date with the latest changes in the digital era.
Your needs are our commands and we make sure to code and develop your ideas into customized and functional software and mobile apps, having your business covered at all times....

To us, CRM is more than just customer relationship management. We pay attention to how CRM is handled and to its most important features and elements that play an essential role the success of a business.
We provide a wide range of CRM options, from simple customer tracking and live chats, to more complex features like the entire data of each customer in the company etc. Despite all the options, the important thing is to be able to find the CRM software that suits your type of business.
Our experts will guide you into finding just that and make sure that it is well built and customized to provide you everything you and your business needs.



Having a developed software in your business, will be a necessity sooner or later. It is the perfect tool to be able to manage all your departments in your own unique way. Our team makes sure to create custom made software that are flexible and have the full potential to meet your requirements, not only through the process of developing, but also during the after care that we make sure to provide properly....

Mobile apps cannot be ignored in the generation that we are living in. If we say that they are booming, we may be underestimating them. Our app-designers aim to build a mobile app for your business that won't be thrown away after the first use. The secret is to keep your customers tied and engaged with your app after the download and our team has just the recipe for that. Whether you need your CRM software to be converted into an easily usable app, or you just want a new extension in your business, we always got your back.