Digital Marketing Innovation is passionate about helping small and medium enterprises build a fully professional online presence, increasing your business’ visibility to your targeted customers. We make sure to cover all aspects of online marketing including here SEO, SEM, PPC, SMM, Email and Affiliate marketing. With a customized marketing plan, based on your business’ goals, we make sure to build a very strong marketing foundation to help you reach each one of them with efficiency.



( Search Engine Optimization) is a very important part of your website's visibility as it lifts your site above your competitors. With a good and functional SEO, we help businesses to deliver their sites to the top positions of search engines in an organic way. Our team is always up to date with the latest changes, trends and SEO strategies, making sure to always keep your business on top while beating competition.


(Search Engine Marketing) is another important element and a faster tool of digital marketing. Most of the time SEO gets the most attention, but it is important to know how to use all the tools to bring your business into the center of the customer's attention. Our strategies are well combined with PPC (pay per click). All SEM campaigns are customized and we make sure to build the right strategy for your business by targeting the correct geographic areas, writing and creating relevant ads, building ad campaigns to target your group of customers and monitoring in real time the progress of your online campaigns, while providing you with monthly analytic reports.


(Social Media Marketing) is the latest trend of running your marketing campaigns. The ways on how people do and manage a business have changed and are still doing so. SMM is an innovative way of doing marketing, as large target-groups are being present in all social media networks day by day. We build your SMM plan based on your business and its category, what you want to represent to your customer base and what you want to achieve from it. Dedicated and personal social media managers will be building and managing your presence in the social networks, while keeping track of the analytics and translating everything into monthly reports.


EMAIL MARKETING is not dead. You need to stop listening to that thought and focus on your emails as much as you do in your other marketing tools. Targeting your customers, increasing engagement, increasing the percentage of click through rate, reaching the right audience and more, can all be done through emails. With a well targeted email list, we make sure to reach out to your customers and to the potential ones, by giving them the information they need from your services and products and by helping you get the information you need by the category of customers you intend on attracting.