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As a company that thrives on innovation and places the client first. DIGITAL MARKETING INNOVATION understands how crucial it is for every company

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Unquestionably, it is our goal to offer the greatest customer management service while keeping up with the most recent advancements in the digital era, so we linked partnership with Bitrix24 CRM to bring the best CRM services to our customers. Obviously, your ideas are our instructions, and we make sure to turn your concepts into specialized, useful software and mobile apps, always having your company’s needs in mind.

Software Development

Having developed software in your business will be a necessity sooner or later. It is the perfect tool to be able to manage all your departments in your own unique way. Our team makes sure to create custom-made software that is flexible and has the full potential to meet your requirements, not only through the process of development but also during the aftercare that we make sure to provide properly.

Meanwhile, a Software Developer is a professional who is charged with designing and coding software for businesses and customers alike. Undoubtedly, our staff will enable you to receive the best product feasible using programming languages.

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DMI offer a wide range of CRM tools, from straightforward ones like live chats and customer tracking to more intricate ones like storing all of a customer’s data within the organization. Even more, we can offer discounts for Bitrix24 cloud and on-premise versions. Our team can customize CRM depending of your needs. With the variety of choices, it’s crucial to be able to locate CRM software that works for your particular line of business. Surely, our experts will help you locate the ideal solution and ensure that it is well-built and personalized to meet your demands and those of your company.


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